5 Benefits Of Being An
EzyStayz Host

When you hear about the benefits of hosting through a holiday rental platform, the first thing that’s always mentioned is the money. But there are a whole variety of other reasons why becoming a host can be a positive change in your life, giving you the flexibility to do other things you love.


Additional Income

One of the most obvious advantages of renting out your property is the extra income it generates, which can be significantly more than renting it long term. While your bookings may fluctuate with the seasons, if you manage your property well, you can make enough additional income to consider retiring early or working fewer hours at your regular job.


Free Up Your Time

When you become an EzyStayz host, you can stop working so hard at your everyday job and free up time to do other things you want in life. Hosting offers incredible flexibility for those that want to spend more time with their family or indulge their passions, with the option to be as hands-on or hands-off in hosting as you like. Want to jet off around the world? No worries. You can easily put your hosting on hold or ask a trusted individual to manage your property for you as a co-host while you’re away.


Discover Your Neighbourhood All Over Again

One of the best parts about hosting through EzyStayz is the opportunity to share your neighbourhood with guests from all over the world and point them in the right direction of great cafes, shopping experiences and little-known gems. This might require that you do a little research of your own and get out and about to discover what really makes your town extra special. You can then share these experiences in a Guide Book that your guests can flick through on arrival, giving them a little taste of how the locals like to live.


Meet People From All Over The World

As an EzyStayz host, you don’t have to travel the world as the world comes to you. Chances are you’ll be hosting guests from not only your own country but all corners of the globe, with the opportunity to share life experiences and perhaps even learn a thing or two about their cuisine. It’s a great way of broadening your mind and connecting with people who might end up hosting you in their neck of the woods.


Stop When It Suits You

While hosting requires some level of planning for the future, it’s also something that you can easily stop doing if circumstances in your life alter. Changes in your family life, health or career may all affect your ability or desire to host and deactivating your listing is a straight-forward process.

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