5 Things To Consider Before Becoming An EzyStayz Host

Hosting sounds easy, right? But truth be told, the difference between an average host and a great host is like black and white. While anyone can list their property online, to receive rave reviews and turn your hosting into a lucrative income requires careful planning, as well as an investment of your time and money. So to help you determine whether you’ve got what it takes to be a Superior Host, here are five things to keep in mind.


Be Realistic About Your Time Commitment

Hosting through EzyStayz is not just about listing your property and watching the cash roll in. It requires you to communicate with prospective guests, answer their queries and concerns, as well as take care of all the hands-on duties that hosting involves. This might include meeting/greeting guests on their arrival, stocking your listing with essential items and cleaning it once they leave. All of this might sound fine if you work part-time but be realistic about whether you can take all of this on (or might need the help of a co-host) if you’ve got a busy life schedule already.

When you first start out, it might all seem quite overwhelming. But with time, you’ll become more efficient in the way you manage these tasks and find ways of saving yourself time and energy along the way.


Know Your Market

Let’s bite to the chase. Hosting doesn’t work in every market and it’s important to determine whether your’s has enough demand to make it worth your while. Doing a little bit of research about your market and whether the properties already listed there are attracting guests will help prepare you for the reality of what you should expect.

What other types of listings are available in your market and what are they charging per night? Understanding your competition is an important element of success in any business and online holiday rentals are no different.

But so too is understanding the type of guests you want to appeal to, as this will help in designing your property. Maybe you’re close to a business district and want to appeal to business travellers or perhaps it’s the family market that is more suitable to what you’re offering. By determining who your prospective guests are, you can design your listing so that it meets their needs, with those extra amenities that will make all the difference.


Design Your Property With Guests In Mind

Speaking of amenities, it’s essential that you have the basics covered so that guests don’t have to rush out to buy things like toilet paper or firewood as soon as they arrive. Guests notice the difference between hosts that have carefully considered their needs and those who are just offering the basics to get by.

Is your listing designed with furniture that will meet your guests’ needs and how comfortable are the mattresses to ensure a good night’s sleep? It’s things like these that will make the difference between a 4 and 5-star rating and will have you on track to becoming a Superior Host.


Be Covered By Insurance

Chances are your home insurance isn’t going to cover damages that result from short-term renting and while EzyStayz offers a Host Assurance guarantee, it might not cover you for special items or some risk factors. It’s important that you carefully consider what you are covered for and if there are any gaps, in which case you should consider taking out additional insurance for short-term renting for that extra piece of mind.


Figure Out What You Want To Get Out Of Hosting

For most hosts, the reason they list their property online in the first place is to make a bit of extra money. But for some, this can transition into a main income or lucrative retirement project. The more money you want to make, the more you need to invest in your listing, not only financially but also time wise.