7 Tips For Upping Your EzyStayz Hospitality Game

Here at EzyStayz, we want you to have every success as a host by ensuring that your guests have the best possible experience when choosing to stay with you. So to help you achieve hospitality heights, here are seven insider tips.


Accurate Listings

It’s important that your profile and property listing pages are accurate and up to date while correctly reflecting exactly what you are offering. This helps to set realistic expectations for guests and ensure they aren’t disappointed if the property isn’t as advertised. Also check that your pricing options are clear and in-line with what you are offering.



Guests appreciate responsive hosts, as it helps them to finalise their travel plans and resolve any issues they might have. It’s important that you’re responsive to guests prior to and throughout their stay, ideally responding to any queries or issues they have within 24 hours.

Even after a booking has been confirmed, make sure you touch base with guests about checking in procedures and notify them of any changes that may affect the advertised listing.



When you decide to accept a guest’s booking request, make sure you are able to honour that booking in-line with the advertised listing. We understand that unexpected situations arise, so if for any reason you have to cancel a confirmed booking, let the guest know immediately and (if possible) assist them in making alternative arrangements.



First impressions count, so make sure you thoroughly clean every area of your space prior to your guests’ arrival. This includes washing any bedding and towels, as well as cleaning any cooking utensils they may be using during their stay. Remember that you can always add a cleaning fee to your listing if you wish to hire professional cleaners to get the job done!



While it’s not mandatory, we highly recommend that you provide some basic essentials for your guests, including things like soap and toilet paper, so they don’t have to rush out to the shops after arriving. A few little touches go a long way, so consider leaving things like mini shampoo and conditioners in the bathroom or milk and bread in the kitchen too, as well as an umbrella in case of bad weather! They’ll cost you very little and help to make your guest’s stay extra special.


Welcoming Check-In

Arriving at a new and unfamiliar destination can be daunting, so make it as easy as possible for your guests by offering detailed directions to help them reach your property, as well as outlining a clear check-in procedure. Are you going to be there to meet them with the keys or will you be leaving them somewhere else for them to collect? It’s also a good idea to give your guests a couple of different contact methods to get in touch with you, just in case things don’t go to plan.



We all like a little bit of support in our lives. So whether it’s being readily available to your guests throughout their stay to assist them with any issues they may have or providing them with a guidebook of your favourite local cafes and shops, it won’t go unnoticed.

Hosts who reach Superior Host status (and benefit from all its perks) are the ones who go that extra mile to make a guest’s stay smooth sailing.