Communicating With Guests Through House Rules, Manuals And Guidebooks

After a long train trip or flight halfway around the world, nobody wants to arrive at their accommodation to be given a lecture about the rules and regulations or necessarily sit through a long introduction about what they should do and where they should go. This is why we encourage all of our hosts to create House Rules and Guidebooks so guests still have this information accessible to them but can go over it at their leisure.


House Rules And Manuals

House Rules and Manuals are a great way to manage guest expectations at your property and ensure they have access to all the information they need, without having to contact you unnecessarily during their stay. House Rules may cover things such as smoking regulations and whether or not you allow guests to have visitors during their stay and these can be posted on your listing page so guests can make an informed decision before booking.

You can also add a House Manual to your listing, including instructions about how to connect to the WIFI, where extra linen can be found and how the hot water can be turned on. We also recommend you provide a hard copy of your House Manual at the property for guests to peruse on their arrival. This means guests have all the information at their fingertips and won’t be hassling you!



Guidebooks differ in that they’re a way for hosts to recommend some of their favourite locations to guests, such as local cafes to eat at or independent shops in the neighbourhood that they shouldn’t miss. They’re a great way of sharing local insider secrets about destinations they might not have considered and will help your guests have the most memorable experience possible.

You can add a Guidebook to your online listing (and your recommended places will appear on the map in your public listing page) or you can create a hard copy to keep at your property for them to flick through on arrival. Add in brochures, business cards or even menus from your favourite restaurants, as well as any tips on how to get there, public transport and parking.

Hosts that receive rave reviews on the EzyStayz platform are often the ones that go above and beyond, sharing those tidbits of information that turn a great stay into an unforgettable one.