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General Queries

How do I create an EzyStayz account?
All you need to do to create an account is click on the Sign Up tab in the top right-hand corner of the website and follow the instructions to make your online profile. After registering your email address and uploading a photo, you’re ready to either list your space or start searching for unique places to stay across the globe.

How can I edit my profile?
If you want to make any changes to your profile or write reviews for guests/hosts, you can do so using your online account. First, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the EzyStayz homepage and select Edit Profile. You can then select which sections of your profile you want to edit - just remember to click Save at the end!

What do I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, just click on the Forget Password button when you login and we’ll email you a password reset link.

How can I change my password?
You can change your password at any time by clicking on the Profile button on your dashboard and selecting the Change Password option. Then just follow the instructions using your existing password.

How do Social Connections work?
You can see how you are connected to others in the EzyStayz community, either directly or through friends you share, by linking your EzyStayz account with Facebook and other select social media sites. Your social media connections can be accessed through the Trust and Verification section under the Profile tab of your dashboard.

How do Friend Referrals and Travel Credits work?
When you refer friends to Ezystayz, you are eligible to earn travel credits to use towards your next trip when you opt to stay with EzyStayz. After referring a friend to EzyStayz, the first reservation they make to stay at an EzyStayz listing will see you receive A$25 in travel credits. Then if they decide to sign up as a host, the first time they rent their space you will earn an additional A$75 in travel credits. The travel credits will be automatically added as a coupon to your checkout page the next time you make a booking, provided the booking qualifies and has a total value of A$100 or more (excluding guest fees and taxes). They must be used within one year of issue date, after which they will expire. Travel credits cannot be applied to a trip that has already been paid for and will be forfeited if you cancel a reservation after applying the travel credits.

What are personal references?
Personal references are those from friends, family members and colleagues which will help to strengthen your profile and provide an added level of trust for other community users as you are starting out on the site. You can request references through the References tab on your profile and review all new references before they are posted on your profile.

How do I cancel my account?
We don't want to see you go! But if you do decide to cancel your EzyStayz account, just click on Account, then Settings, and Cancel My Account. Your account will automatically be cancelled, together with any confirmed reservations you have as either a host or guest.

Which Browsers Should I Use On EzyStayz?
To benefit from EzyStayz security features and have the best on-site experience, we recommend you use a recently upgraded internet browser which will provide you with a faster, more secure, and more visually appealing experience. EzyStayz recommends both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, please note that you should upgrade to IE9 or higher as many features on the EzyStayz site will not work on older versions. Users should also note that our technical support team cannot provide assistance for outdated browsers.

How can I contact EzyStayz?
If you have any queries or concerns about EzyStayz, you can contact us directly via the contact page, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Alternatively, you can use our online chat feature to get answers to most queries in real time.

What are verifications?
EzyStayz verifications are used to reassure other users that you really are who you say you are! They can be used to connect your profile to personal information via social connections or verify information such as your phone number or email address. Verification badges are displayed on your EzyStayz profile page and there are various different verifications to select from under the Trust and Verification tab on your profile.

What is a Superior Host?
Superior Host status is offered by EzyStayz to recognise those hosts who are providing a superior level of service to the community. To be selected as a Superior Host, you must have achieved the following in the 12 months preceding account review and assessment:

- Hosted a minimum of 10 trips through EzyStayz in one or more of your listings.
- Responded to guest messages and booking requests promptly, with a minimum of 90% of your responses being sent within 24 hours.
- Received a minimum of 50% reviews on trips you have hosted.
- 80% or more of reviews left must have a 5-star rating.
- No confirmed reservations have been cancelled at any of your listings. Any cancellations made due to extenuating circumstances will be omitted from this calculation on the condition that they have been reported to EzyStayz as soon as they occur or within a maximum of two weeks from the cancellation date.

You can see how close (or far) you are from becoming a Superior Host by viewing the Superior Host section on your dashboard which offers an insight into all the areas assessed by EzyStayz in determining Superior Host status.

How do reviews work?
Reviews are one of the many ways we create trust and transparency on the EzyStayz site, allowing others in the community to make informed decisions when they either host or stay. After each booking has been completed, you’ll have two weeks in which to leave your review (and the same applies for your host or guest). Once you have written your review (and prior to your host or guest completing their review), you can make any necessary edits. Once your host or guest completes their review, you won’t be able to make any further changes and reviews cannot be removed after both the guest and host have posted, unless they violate the EzyStayz Review Guidelines.

How do star ratings work?
In addition to providing a written review, guests who book and complete a trip with you through EzyStayz can also leave a star rating. This gives other users a quick and easy reference point of your overall performance as a host. Ratings are given out of five stars for numerous different categories, with an aggregate number of stars displayed at the top.

What currencies does EzyStayz accept?

EzyStayz supports a broad range of currencies in which members can view listings and make payments. However, once payments are made, they will automatically be converted to USD. Based on your country and selected payment method, the currency in which you will be charged will be displayed on the checkout page before you confirm the reservation request.

What forms of payment does EzyStayz accept?
EzyStayz accepts the following forms of payment:

    Visa MasterCard Amex Braintree Paypal

Travelling with EzyStayz

What are the different Room Types?
EzyStayz hosts offer a diverse range of spaces for guests to stay, from shared rooms to luxury villas or even private yachts. So to help you find the right space for you, all listings are categorized as one of the following Room Types:

1.    Shared rooms

    These generally budget-friendly options are ideal for guests wanting a comfortable, communal experience, where the entire space (including the bedroom) is shared with the host or other guests.

2.    Private rooms

    These listings offer more privacy, with guests having their own private room within an otherwise shared space, and are ideal for those looking to socialise with their hosts and benefit from local knowledge.

3.    Entire home

    These listings offer guests exclusive use of an entire private space, with all areas made available throughout the trip.

How can I contact a host?
You can contact a host to find out more information about their listing (or make a booking request) through the EzyStayz messaging system. Simply click Contact Host on the listing which interests you and take it from there!

What is a Superior Host?
Superior Hosts are identified by EzyStayz due to their outstanding hosting commitment and have met a range of qualifying parameters we assess every quarter. We consider their overall responsiveness, level of welcome and care for guests, together with the quality of the listings they offer, to set them apart.

Are children allowed on EzyStayz trips?
Every listing is different, and while many hosts offer family-friendly listings, others don't. On each listing within the Amenities section you may see an area titled Family/Kid Friendly, which implies that the listing welcomes families with children/infants. But you can always double check with potential hosts by sending them a message and asking about applicable amenities you may need if travelling with young ones.

Can I bring pets on my trip?
Every listing is different, and while some hosts will allow pets, others will not (including service animals). Under the Amenities section of the listing, you'll see an area titled Pets Allowed, and if this has been crossed out, it means that the host does not accept pets. In this same section you will be able to see if the host is a pet owner themselves, should allergies or other issues concern you.

Can listings be viewed before a booking is made?
While viewing listings prior to booking occurs only in rare instances, some hosts will agree to arrange it if you wish. If you need assistance in organising this, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to help!

What happens if I can’t contact my host?
If you’re trying to contact a host after confirming a booking with them, you can do so via the EzyStayz messaging system, or using the email and telephone numbers provided in your booking confirmation itinerary. If you are still unable to contact them through these means, please contact us directly so we can assist and remember that your trip is covered by the EzyStayz Guest Refund Policy if they fail to show up.

Can my host ask me to sign a contract?
Hosts can request that guests sign a contract prior to check-in, but they must disclose this before the booking is confirmed and inform you of the terms of the contract. You are free to refuse or discuss any of your host's contract terms, and if you can't come to an agreement, we suggest you look for another listing.

If your host asks you to sign a contract but did not inform you prior to booking, please contact us directly.

Why am I unable to call or email a potential host before booking?
To protect your privacy and that of your host, EzyStayz only shares email addresses, telephone numbers and listing addresses once a booking is confirmed. Until that time, you can use the EzyStayz messaging system to communicate with your host and ask any questions you may have, and we recommend you use it throughout the booking process to keep everything centralised.

What is the Cancellation Policy on listings?
Each EzyStayz host determines their own Cancellation Policy, based on a range of options available to them. This determines under what circumstances they will refund money to guests if they cancel a booking (with extenuating circumstances the only exception).

It's important that guests review the host's individual Cancellation Policy before booking, so they are aware of what they will be entitled to if they need to cancel the booking.

What is Instant Booking?
Some listings offer the Instant Booking feature, which means you don't need pre-approval from the host before you can book them. After selecting the Instant Booking option, you can message the host to discuss the listing further and we'll automatically send you a booking confirmation history.

What is Pre-Approval?
Most hosts prefer to pre-approve each guest before accepting bookings, which allows them to review your profile and dates to check suitability. First, you need to send through a booking enquiry, and if the host responds with Pre-Approval, you can then go ahead and click Book It in the message thread to confirm your booking.

What is a Special Offer?
Hosts may opt to send you pre-approval with a Special Offer, including customised pricing, dates or other parameters. If you receive a Special Offer, you can review it and decide whether or not to accept, then click Book It, then Book Now in the message thread.

When will my payment method be charged?
Guests are charged for their booking in full once it has been confirmed, meaning that both parties have accepted it. If your booking request is declined or expires, you will not be charged.

If your booking is long-term (28 days or more), you will be charged for the first month upon booking confirmation, and then monthly until the end of the booking period.

All payments are held by EzyStayz until 24 hours after you have checked in, after which time they will be released to the host.

How quickly will a host respond to my booking request?
The majority of hosts will respond to booking requests within 1-12 hours (depending on time zone differences), while all hosts have up to 24 hours to officially accept or decline your request before it expires. You will receive an email regarding the host's response as soon as they make it.

Can I change or cancel my booking request?
You can only change or cancel a booking request if it has not yet been accepted by the host. If this is the case, then you can cancel your request and (if you wanted to make changes to the initial request) submit a new one with the applicable changes. If the booking has already been accepted, you will only be able to cancel it as per the host’s cancellation policy, which may incur charges.

Am I allowed to book on behalf of others?
Because EzyStayz is built on the trust and transparency of its community members, it's essential that the guest booking the trip will actually be staying in the property. Your profile displays your photo, reviews and verifications, which is what hosts use to assess whether to accept the booking or not.

If a friend or family member wants to book using EzyStayz, remember that you can always refer them by clicking Invite Friends and help them build an online account to make their own bookings. If they then complete a booking through the site, you’ll also earn travel credits to use next time you stay using Ezystayz!

How can I get a trip itinerary and invoice for my booking?
You will automatically receive a receipt with your trip itinerary via email once your booking has been confirmed, and you can also find copies of these under My Trips on your dashboard.

Will I be charged if the host declines my booking request?
No. You will not be charged anything if your potential host declines your booking request or if it expires.

Please note that we do place an authorisation on your payment method when you submit a booking request, however, and this will show on your credit card or payment account as a pending transaction. If your booking is declined by the host or expires, this authorisation will automatically be released and you will not be charged in any way (although this may take up to 7 days to appear on your payment method).

What are Guest Service Fees?
To cover site costs, EzyStayz charges guests a service fee of between 6% and 12% on the booking subtotal, based on the length of their trip. For longer trips (with larger subtotal costs) the smaller the service fee percentage will be.

The exact service fees to be charged on your trip will be visible on the checkout page prior to submitting your booking request or making an Instant Booking. VAT or taxes based on local government regulations may also be added, depending on the location of the host and guest.

What are the check-in procedures?
There is no online check-in procedure when booking through EzyStayz, with all check-in and check-out details organised directly between the host and guest and usually detailed on the listing itself.

Ensure that you communicate with your host regarding what time you will check-in, the process for collecting the key to the listing and that you can contact your host if any issues arise. Also bring a copy of your Trip Itinerary when you check-in, as all the necessary information will be available for you to refer to there.

If you’re delayed for any reason (traffic congestion, flight delays) and can't check-in at the time you arranged with your host, let them know as soon as possible to make alternative plans.

What are House Rules?
House Rules are set by each host for their listing to share their expectations with guests. These outline their requirements in terms of smoking, having visitors, and the use of specific areas or items in the listing. Guests should always review the House Rules before making a booking to ensure the listing is suitable to their needs.

What is the EzyStayz Guest Refund Policy?
All guests who book their trip through Ezystayz are protected by the EzyStayz Guest Refund Policy, which is designed to assist guests in the event they face an issue during their trip. It covers a range of possible issues, from last minute host cancellations to misrepresented or unsanitary conditions, and can be found here.

Guests who feel that their situation is applicable can make a claim through the Guest Refund Policy within 24 hours of checking-in at the listing.

What Are Extenuating Circumstances?
If you have to cancel a booking or need to make changes due to extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible for a refund outside of your host’s Cancellation Policy. If you wish to make a claim due to extenuating circumstances, please keep in mind that the issue needs to be fully documented.

Extenuating circumstances may include:

    A death or serious illness in the family
    A natural disaster in either the host or guest's country
    Political unrest in the destination
    Civil obligations (e.g. jury duty) which must be adhered to

 Extenuating circumstances do not include:

    Flight issues such as delays or lost baggage
    Change in personal circumstances (e.g. loss of employment)
    Non-family member death or illness

Can I make changes to a confirmed booking?
You can request to make changes to a confirmed booking if you want to alter the dates or number of guests. But please note that these changes will need to be approved by your host before being considered confirmed. To request changes to a confirmed booking, select the booking under My Trips, and click Alter or Cancel, and follow the steps from there.

If you want to make changes to a pending booking request before it has been accepted by the host, just cancel the request and submit a new one with the applicable changes. Just find the relevant booking request under Your Trips, click Cancel Request, and then OK to confirm. You can then send the host a new booking request with the appropriate details.

Will I be refunded if I cancel a confirmed booking?
Refunds for confirmed bookings depend on the host's Cancellation Policy, which is outlined in their listing description. However, there are some instances where you may be eligible for a refund outside of this policy, including if a host cancels the confirmed booking, extenuating circumstances apply, or you're eligible to make a claim under the EzyStayz Guest Refund Policy. If none of these are applicable to your situation, you can request a refund from your host through the Ezystayz Resolution Centre.

What is the Ezystayz Resolution Centre?
The EzyStayz Resolution Centre is a platform you can use to manage any disputes or additional payments which may be related to your rental or stay using EzyStayz. This includes making requests for refunds and claims on security deposits, together with any payments outside of the booking agreement.

Generally, hosts and guests are able to resolve most issues without the assistance of the EzyStayz Resolution Centre staff. However, if you do require our assistance, you can do so 72 hours after opening your request. We recommend requesting our assistance if:

    Your guest does not respond within 72 hours
    You are unable to reach an agreement with your guest
    You feel uncomfortable or pressured dealing directly with your guest
    You are unsure of the EzyStayz policies and would like guidance on determining the outcome of your request

Can I transfer my payment from one booking to another if a host cancels?
Yes, you can easily transfer your payment from one booking to another if your host cancels. Just select the new listing, submit a booking request, and we'll automatically transfer your payment to the new booking. Please note that if the new booking costs more than the original one, you will need to select a payment method to cover the difference. On the other hand, if the new booking costs less than the original one, we’ll automatically refund you the difference.

If you choose not to re-book using EzyStayz after a host cancellation, you’ll receive a full refund within 7 days.

Hosting through EzyStayz

How do I create a listing?
You can easily create a property listing by selecting the Add Property tab under the Host section at the top of the Ezystayz home page. This will guide you through an easy step-by-step process to create a listing which you can activate at the end.

Can I list multiple rooms?
On EzyStayz, you can list as many rooms or spaces as you like, be it a private room, a couch or an entire house. But each single space available for booking must be listed separately.

If you want to list more than one space in the same house or building, you will need to create individual listings for each one, including a detailed description of the applicable space and its own booking calendar.

Can I edit a listing?
You can edit different aspects of a listing under Your Listings, with the option to alter the description, photos or pricing under Manage Listing, and make any changes to the availability under Calendar.

How do I deactivate a listing?
If you no longer want your listing to appear in searches, either temporarily or permanently, you can do so under Manage Listing. By selecting Unlisted, your listing will not appear in future search results, although confirmed bookings will remain current and you are still required to honour them.

You can only permanently deactivate your listing if you have no upcoming bookings or ongoing booking requests on that particular listing. To permanently deactivate a listing, click on the link at the bottom of the page under Manage Listing. Please note that all history related to the listing, including reviews, will remain on your profile.

What are House Rules?
House Rules are a great way to manage guest expectations at your property and ensure they have access to all the information they need, without having to contact you unnecessarily during their stay. House Rules may cover things such as smoking regulations and whether or not you allow guests to have visitors during their stay and can be posted on your listing page so guests can make an informed decision before booking.

Can I change the neighbourhood of my listing?
Based on its address, your listing may automatically be assigned to a neighbourhood and this cannot be altered. EzyStayz details neighbourhoods in some of the most popular destinations around the globe, but if a neighbourhood doesn’t display in your search result, it may just be that it hasn’t been included yet. If your address lies on the boundary of two different neighbourhoods, it may be assigned to both.

How do I apply for professional photography for my listing?
EzyStayz is pleased to offer professional photography services in select locations, assisting our hosts in showcasing their listings through high-quality images. To find out if your listing is eligible, visit our photography page and click on Apply Now for the listing you would like photographed.

To be eligible for our professional photography services, you must have a verified phone number and email address associated with your listing(s), and you can only apply for up to four of your listings.

After you apply for our professional photography service, we will contact one of our independent professional photographers located in your destination. They will then contact you via EzyStayz within 7 days to discuss availability, including the date, time and expected duration of the photo shoot. For your peace of mind, all EzyStayz photographers have a verified badge on their profile.

After the scheduled photo shoot, your images will be edited and uploaded to your listing page within 3-4 weeks. Please note that EzyStayz will retain all rights to photos taken by their team of professional photographers and copies will not be made available to hosts.

What is Instant Booking?
Some listings offer the Instant Booking feature, which means you don't require pre-approval for guests before they can book and won’t have the option to review their profile first. Many guests prefer this option as it allows them to make their travel plans swiftly.

What is Pre-Approval?
If you prefer to review the profile of potential guests and their requested dates to check suitability, then select the pre-approval option. They will be required to send through a booking request which you can either approve or decline.

What is a Special Offer?
Special Offers include customised pricing, dates or other parameters that you determine specifically for a certain guest or time period and can be sent through when you confirm a booking request. Keep in mind that the guest can opt to accept or decline the Special Offer before confirming their booking.

Should I host children?
Deciding whether you want to allow children or infants at your property is something you should consider carefully based on the facilities it offers and the safety features. Indicate clearly to guests on your listing page whether it is family-friendly and provide details of any amenities that they should be aware of.

A few things to consider are:
- Ensure you have a gate around your pool and removable safety gates for stairs
- Make sure all cleaning products and chemicals are stored well away from their reach
- Secure all heavy furnishings, such as TVs, so that they cannot fall during unexpected accidents
- Ensure you have working smoke alarms installed
Provide a portable crib for those traveling with infants, placed away from windows and blinds

How can I alter my calendar availability or pricing?
If you want to edit pricing and availability on any listing, you can do so by clicking on Manage Listings, then Manage Listing and Calendar, and double click on the date you want to edit. Make the applicable changes (“available” or “not available”) and click Save.

How much should I charge?
When it comes to deciding the rates you want to charge for your listing, you are in complete control and there are no set prices you need to follow. If you're not sure what to charge, you can survey your neighbourhood to get an idea of the market rates applicable to your space or peruse other similar listings on the site and set a rate that is competitive. When setting your rates, remember that you will be charged a small commission fee by EzyStayz and you should also disclose up front any other expenses (such as cleaning or equipment rental fees) that your guests may incur while renting your space.

Should I add cleaning fees?
If you wish to add cleaning fees to your listing, you can do so through Your Listings, Manage Listing and Pricing, where you will find the Additional Charges option. After setting a cleaning fee rate, it will appear on your listing and be applied to each new reservation booked.

Please note that cleaning fees are applied as a one-off payment for the stay and not added as a nightly charge. Cleaning fees are also subject to EzyStayz' commission fees as they are included in the overall booking fee charged to the guest.

Can I decline booking enquiries or requests?
You can decline a booking enquiry or request if you are unable to accommodate the guest. But it's important that you respond within 24 hours to not only give them time to find alternative accommodation but also protect your response rate.

Hosts should also be aware that if you decline all or most of your enquiries or booking requests, this will negatively impact your acceptance rate. If you do opt to decline a booking request, make sure you do so within 24 hours (before it expires) to ensure your listing’s search placement isn't negatively affected.

Can a guest request a viewing before booking?
It's only on very rare occasions that a guest may request to view your listing before booking. If this situation arises, it is at your discretion whether you accept or not and we advise you to consider the guest's EzyStayz profile and reviews before making a decision. We highly recommend you provide as much information as possible on your listing page, together with high-quality photos, to ensure guests can make informed decisions without needing to view the listing first.

Why can't I call or email a potential guest before booking?
To protect your privacy, EzyStayz only shares email addresses, telephone numbers and listing addresses once a booking has been confirmed. Until that time, you can use the EzyStayz messaging system to communicate with potential guests and discuss any concerns/queries you may both have. We also recommend you use it throughout the booking process to keep everything centralised.

Any attempt to exchange email addresses or telephone numbers prior to a booking being confirmed on the system will be automatically removed by EzyStayz. Please be aware that doing so is a breach of our terms of service and repeated attempts may result in your removal from the site.

What is the check-in procedure?
There are no required check-in or check-out guidelines on EzyStayz and we leave it up to hosts and guests to do what works best for them at a mutually suitable time.

To make sure your check-in goes smoothly, remember to communicate clearly with your guest through the EzyStayz messaging system and organise how they can collect the keys on arrival. Always double check that you both have the right contact information and arrival details, and refer your guest to their itinerary which is generated when a booking is confirmed.

Please note that if no specific check-in or check-out times are detailed, then a standard arrangement of 3PM check-in and 12PM check-out will apply.

Why can’t I pre-approve a guest?
If the pre-approval option isn’t made available at the time of booking enquiry, it means your calendar is already booked for some or all of the dates in question

How do I remove a pre-approval already sent to a guest?
If you want to remove a pre-approval already sent, before the guest confirms the booking, you can click on Remove Pre-Approval in the message thread in your inbox. Please note that pre-approvals cannot be edited if the guest or host wish to change the dates of the booking, in which case a new pre-approval should be sent.

Why can’t I send a Special Offer?
There are three reasons why you may not be able to send a guest a Special Offer:
i.    Your calendar dates are booked or blocked for all or some of the dates requested
ii.    You have pending booking requests from other guests for those dates
iii.    Your guest submitted an official booking request, in which case you can not send a Special Offer. In this case, you will need to use the alterations tool to make any changes required to their booking.

How can I cancel or remove a Special Offer I have sent to a guest?
If you want to cancel or remove a Special Offer already sent to a guest, simply click on Remove Special Offer in the corresponding message thread within your Ezystayz inbox.

How do I change Special Offer dates?
If you've sent a guest a Special Offer for specific dates but would like to make it available for different dates, you’ll need to remove the original offer and send a new one through on the applicable booking dates. Please note that you can only make these changes to Special Offers on bookings which are yet to be confirmed, and once the booking has been accepted, you'll need to alter the listing using the alterations tool.

How long do I have to respond to a booking request?
You have 24 hours in which to respond to a booking request before it expires, with the option to either Accept or Decline the request.

Can I ask guests to sign a contract?
Yes, it's possible to ask guests to sign a contract at check-in, provided you inform them of this prior to accepting their booking through Ezystayz. Please keep in mind that this contract is between you and your guest, and Ezystayz cannot help to enforce any contractual terms which you establish.

How are security deposits handled on EzyStayz?
You can add security deposits on your listing(s) to cover any unforeseen damages which might occur during your guest's stay, however, this must be disclosed prior to accepting bookings through the site. Please note that all security deposits must be handled on the EzyStayz site, as per our terms of service which prohibit off-site payments.

Once you have added a security deposit requirement to your listing, it will apply to all confirmed bookings, although no charges or authorisations will take place prior to a claim being made by the host. Once a guest checks out, you have 48 hours in which to make a claim if damages have occurred. In such cases, EzyStayz will mediate the issue with the guest and, if applicable, collect payment to be issued to you. Please note that EzyStayz does not charge service fees on security deposits, as these are not included in the total cost of the booking.

What is the EzyStayz Resolution Centre?
The EzyStayz Resolution Centre is a platform you can use to manage any disputes or additional payments which may be related to your rental or stay using EzyStayz. This includes making requests for refunds and claims on security deposits, together with any payments outside of the booking agreement.

Generally, hosts and guests are able to resolve most issues without the assistance of the EzyStayz Resolution Centre staff. However, if you do require our assistance, you can do so 72 hours after opening your request. We recommend requesting our assistance if:

    Your guest does not respond within 72 hours
    You are unable to reach an agreement with your guest
    You feel uncomfortable or pressured dealing directly with your guest
    You are unsure of the EzyStayz policies and would like guidance on determining the outcome of your request

Please note that all resolution requests should be made within 60 days of your guest checking out, and if you request our assistance through the EzyStayz Resolution Centre, you accept and understand that any decisions made by EzyStayz will be final.

Can I handle security deposits outside of EzyStayz?
EzyStayz terms of service prohibit off-site payments, including security deposits, and we encourage our hosts to use the tools made available on the platform to manage their listing. By including a security deposit on your EzyStayz listing, it also enables us to help mediate through our Resolution Centre if you do encounter any issues.

What happens if the guest cancels?
If your guest cancels their booking (or even their EzyStayz account), we will notify you automatically, free up the dates in your calendar, and process your payment as normal, 24 hours after the scheduled check-in date.

If you cancel a booking, your guest will automatically be refunded (as stated in your cancellation policy) and you can opt to refund additional amounts directly from your account.

How do I cancel/make changes to a booking?
If you need to cancel a guest booking, go to Your Bookings and select the booking you wish to cancel, then click Cancel. Please note that you should always cancel as soon as possible to give guests time to make alternative arrangements. By cancelling a booking, you may incur penalties, including cancellation fees, an automated review in regards to the cancellation, a blocked calendar, or loss of Superior Host eligibility status.

You can request changes be made to a confirmed booking by selecting Your Bookings and clicking Alter or Cancel. Please note that these changes will only be applied if and when your guest approves them.

What are the requirements to book through EzyStayz?
Before a guest can book your space, EzyStayz requires a few important details from them to ensure your safety and that you know exactly who you are letting into your property.

Guests must provide:
- Full name
- Email address
- Verified phone number
- A profile picture that clearly shows their face
- Payment information
- Agreement to House Rules

Hosts can also request guests have a government-issued ID verified before they allow guests to stay. We also advise that you contact them directly via the EzyStayz messaging system to confirm any last minute details and check-in arrangements. If you suspect at any point that something is not right or they are not who they say they are, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our support team.

How much money will I make hosting on EzyStayz?
The payment you receive for hosting guests through EzyStayz will be the price you charge for your listing, minus EzyStayz' host service fee of 3%. These payments are based on the prices you set for nightly, weekly and monthly bookings. You can check the full details of your payments in your Transaction History.

Please note that the EzyStayz system only processes whole numbers, so all payment amounts will be rounded to the nearest whole number. Depending on your location or that of your guest, VAT may also be added to the service fee.

When will I be paid?
Payments for short-term bookings (less than 28 days) are paid approximately 24 hours after the scheduled check-in, while long-term bookings are paid on a monthly basis, with the first month paid upfront to confirm the booking.

While EzyStayz releases the payment to you at these time, it may take longer to arrive in your bank account, depending on your preferred payment method. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, so please check with your payment institution regarding their expected processing times, and bear in mind that some banking systems do not process transactions on holidays or weekends.

Where can I view payment details and receipts?
If you need a receipt for each of your bookings, you can view and print these as a PDF under Your Listings, and Your Bookings.

If you need a full breakdown of your transactions, you can also download a .csv file from your Transactions History.

What are host service fees?
All bookings on EzyStayz are subject to a host service fee of 3%, which is charged to cover payment processing costs and applies to the total listing price (excluding security deposits).

As required by local government regulations, VAT may also be added on top of service fees and will appear in the host confirmation of your Transaction History.

How do monthly prices work?
If you wish to host long-term guests at your listing, you can set monthly rates which will be applicable to all bookings of 28 days or more. For long-term bookings, payments are made on a monthly basis, with the first deposit 24 hours after your guest checks-in.

How can I refund guests?
If you do need to issue a refund to your guest, you can do so via two different methods in your EzyStayz account:

1. By selecting Issue Refund

    This can be done if your guest cancels their booking prior to check-in date, and will be issued as per your selected Cancellation Policy.
    If you need to give your guests an additional refund, in addition to the terms of your Cancellation Policy, just enter the amount and Ezystayz will process the payment.

2. Though the EzyStayz Resolution Centre

    This can be used to issue refunds for bookings which have occurred within the last 30 days and for a range of different reasons. Simply enter the amount you wish to refund and the currency, together with a message to your guest. They will then be notified and can accept your refund offer, at which point the payment will be processed within 48 hours.

Will my homeowner/rental insurance cover me?
When you rent out your property on a regular, short-term basis, either nightly, weekly or monthly, it's more than likely that your homeowner insurance policy will not cover you for any damages incurred. It's a different circumstance from having your property tenanted on a long-term basis and it's important that you discuss with your current insurance provider any steps you may need to take to ensure you are protected.

Does EzyStayz recommend any insurance products for holiday rentals?
For hosts in Australia, we recommend NRMA's Holiday Rental Insurance [], while for those living in the UK, Home Protect [] offers specialised home insurance policies. If you are renting from the US, we recommend CBIZ's Vacation Rental Insurance [].