Professional Photography

Ezystayz Offers Professional Photography Services For Hosts In A Number Of Cities Worldwide, And We’re Always Adding More Locations. To Find Out If We Have Photographers Available In Your Location, Please Fill In The Application Below And We’ll Get Right Back To You!

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Increased Visibility

With a professional’s touch, your listing will really stand out from the rest and rank higher in search listings. Images help guests to experiance your rental property in better manner.

Verified Stamp

Your images will include a verified stamp which lets potential guests know that your listing has been photographed professionally, on-site by one of EzyStayz’ approved photographers.

Stunning Images

High-resolution, professionally-composed images will highlight the attributes of your listing from the most aesthetically pleasing angles. Our professional photography shoots are free for eligible Ezystayz hosts.

Tell Me More About Professional Photography!

Do we really offer free Professional Photography?

Absolutely! Our professional photography shoots are free for eligible Ezystayz hosts. This is because we know that your success is our success, so we want to do what we can to highlight your property.

How much time will it take?

Once you’ve submitted your application for a professional shoot for your listing, and as long as your location is eligible for this service, we’ll do our best to match you with a photographer near you within a few days. Once you’ve been matched, you and the photographer can schedule the time which works best for both of you for the shoot. All you’ll need to do is make some space in your diary to be available at the listing, during daylight hours, during the week following you being matched with a photographer. If you know that won’t be possible at this time, please wait to make a request for photography until such a time as you can be available.

How long until the photographs are uploaded to my listing?

After one of our professional photographers have visited your listing, it will take approximately three weeks for the images to be selected, edited and uploaded to the site.

Applying for free Professional Photography

The first step in applying for EzyStayz free professional photography is having your space listed with a verified telephone number and confirmed email address. You can then follow the links to apply for free professional photography for up to four of your listings. If you’ve been hosting with us for a while, you may be eligible for more shoots, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Log in to request free professional photography, or list your space and become a host.

Bear in mind that if you do choose our professional photography services, you understand that all rights to the images which result from our shoots, including their copyright rights, will be held by Ezystayz. We may also use the images from our professional shoots for marketing or other commercial purposes across varied media and platforms.

Apply to become an independent contractor photographer by visiting our photographer application page.