Why Host?

Why Host Through EzyStayz?

EzyStayz makes it easy for you to share and rent your space, meet people from all over the world and earn money at the same time. It’s a community marketplace where you and travellers from across the globe can offer an alternative way to travel and redefine the way we stay!

User Profiles

When you sign up to EzyStayz as either a host or guest, there’s a publicly maintained profile for each and every user. References from the community allow you to make an informed decision before you choose to stay or host a guest, creating a safe and
secure environment.

Seamless Communication

From initial enquiries to post-travel reviews, our integrated messaging system allows for seamless communication at your convenience. Request more information from guests before booking, arrange a convenient location to collect keys and stay in touch after their departure, at EzyStayz we make communication simple.

Availability Calendars

When you host with EzyStayz, you'll have access to a dedicated calendar system. This enables you to keep track and manage the availability of your space(s), ensuring reservation requests from travellers can be handled efficiently and easily.

List Any Space

At EzyStayz we'll never limit you creatively. List an apartment, boat, castle, tree house, teepee or entire island! Travellers love the opportunity to stay somewhere truly unique and now you can make it happen!

No Listing Fees

You can advertise your space on EzyStayz to a global community of travellers and you’ll pay no listing fees! You’ll only be charged a service fee once you confirm a booking and start earning rental income yourself.

Text Alerts

Register a verified phone number in your EzyStayz profile and we’ll send you test message notifications so you can manage your property even when you’re on the move.

Cancellation Policies

At EzyStayz we make Cancellation Policies clear, meaning that the host or guest can cancel a reservation and refunds will be made accordingly.

Payment Options

To make payment simple for EzyStayz users, we offer a range of different
payment options so you can select
the method that suits you.

Multiple listings

With a single EzyStayz account, hosts can list numerous spaces located anywhere around the globe, opening up the travel market to each and every individual.

Free Photography

We understand the importance of having high-quality images to showcase your rental space, which is why EzyStayz offers free professional photography services for hosts in selected cities worldwide.

Earn Reviews

Both hosts and travellers can write reviews to help other EzyStayz users make informed decisions. Good reviews increase the rental chances for hosts, while travellers will have their booking requests approved more easily.

Accept or Decline

After a reservation request has been put forth, EzyStayz hosts have the absolute authority to accept or decline a traveller’s reservation request based on their previous reviews suitability.

Stay in Control

When you host through EzyStayz, you are in complete control of your rental space. From setting the price to determining availability and the prerequisites of potential guests, you have the freedom to list your space just the way you want.


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Constant Support

Our friendly customer support team offers 24/7 online service to ensure we are there to help when you need it most!

Become an Ezystayz host!

If you’re ready to start making an income from your space and meet travellers from across the globe, then apply now to become an EzyStayz host and our team will be with you every step of the way. Become a Host.

Flexible Pricing Options

EzyStayz hosts can create flexible pricing options for their space. Offer your guests discounted rates for long term stays, increase the nightly price for large groups, or offer special rates when you want - the choice is yours!

Multi-Lingual Translations

EzyStayz provides a multi-lingual interface, enabling our global users to be a part of this exciting community market place. You can opt to translate Ezystayz listings into multiple different languages and access information at your convenience.

Secure Online Transactions

All transactions are carried out through EzyStayz’s secure online payment system. This means that you’re guaranteed to receive payment for your rental space within a timely and secure manner. Secure Transactions - EzyWay.